The Adult Program

Ballet classes specifically tailored to adult needs.

Conveniently Timed Classes

We schedule our adult-centric classes to be convenient for working adults.

New Beginning Adult Classes!

  Are you an adult with no ballet training that has always wanted to unleash your inner ballerina/o? Do we have a class for you! We provide Classical Ballet training by professionals in an extremely supportive setting. While registration for our Winter 2020-21 cohort is full, we welcome you to contact us to be amongst the first informed of our next session!
The Academy of Ballet offers a comprehensive adult program designed to meet the special needs of the adult student. The emphasis here is on toning, strengthening, stretching, and increasing flexibility using classical ballet to achieve these goals. Along with improving one’s physique, the adult student becomes acquainted with and part of a great art form. The program is based on a curriculum especially designed for adults—starting at the New Beginning Adult level that will introduce the student to basic alignment and movement using music and classical ballet vocabulary extending to the more challenging Intermediate and Advanced levels. Adult students with prior training may join any of the levels for a trial class to determine the level at which they feel most comfortable. The adult program is a wonderful opportunity for an artistic physical and social activity, in a non-threatening supportive environment.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic we are prioritizing health and safety of our community. We will keep you updated if plans change. We strongly advise pre-registering for the class if you are interested. Class size is limited and usually fills up in advance of the session’s beginning. Class Schedule and Format Classes will be held twice per week in the evenings. If interested in putting your name on a waiting list and receiving updates regarding our next session please contact us.

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Class Schedule and Format

The class is designed for the adult student who has no formal ballet training or who has studied ballet in the past and wishes to resume training. Emphasis will be on correct placement, body alignment, toning, and stretching. The class will advance at the pace appropriate to the developing skills of the students. Ongoing training in proper ballet technique reshapes body lines, tones muscles, improves balance, strength, grace, and physical coordination in addition to deepening the appreciation of ballet as an art form. The Academy of Ballet starts a new adult beginning class typically three times a year. If you missed the start of a class series or are otherwise unable to attend, please send us your name and contact information to be added to a waiting list and you will be informed as soon as the new class starts registration.

The adult program has no dress code. Students are requested to wear leotards, tights, and ballet slippers of their choice with their hair fastened securely above their necks.

Drop us a line via our contact form or for a quicker response call us at 415.552.1166.

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Adult Classes

Winter 2021 Class Schedule

Valid January 2021

3:00 pm
6:30 pm
7:45 pm







Valid beginning August 2018

The tuition is based on 10 month, 2 semester periods September-January and February -June. Tuition rates are factored below. Tuition may be paid by cash or check. We offer monthly and semesterly options (and a full year’s payment is welcome). If paying monthly, first and last month will be due at the start of the Fall season, the remainder will be due by the tenth day of each month. There is a 5% discount for tuition paid semesterly.

Single Class

Single Class $20.00/ea


Monthly Tuition

Classes Per Week Monthly Tuition
1 Class $76.00
2 Classes $144.00
3 Classes $204.00
4 Classes $256.00
5 Classes $300.00